The Groovy Gym Bus Toronto is a simple but innovative concept in the space of kids' recreational gymnastics. We aim at providing young kids in the age group of 1-10 years a structured, non-competitive, safe and familiar environment where they can start to build foundational skills in gymnastics and body movement that will help them with overall strength and conditioning as they grow. Our coaches are fully certified and highly experienced in working with kids that age. And the best part is that we come to you - all our sessions are conducted at a convenient location to you (daycare, home).

The Groovy Gym Bus Toronto is diligently following the impact that COVID-19 is having in the communities in which we operate. As responsible members of the same communities, we are prioritizing health and safety during these difficult times. For our kids, for our parents and for our staff. These are the protocols that we are following very closely:
  • We will follow strict screening measures before each class including mandatory temperature checks
  • Frequent sanitization of the bus and the equipment inside
  • All coaches are required to wear masks - no exceptions
  • Masks for our little participants are optional (we will stay consistent with the procedures used in schools and day cares as the same set of kids will be together inside the bus as well)
  • If any teacher from the school is visiting us inside the bus, he/she will be required to wear a mask and will be asked to always remain in the visiting area at the front of the bus
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at the front of the bus for everyone to sanitize their hands on a regular basis
  • All our activities will be adjusted to minimize contact as much as possible
  • Our coach to kids ratios will be managed to allow for ample space between participants (our buses are about 32 feet long and 8 feet wide so there is enough space to manage safe distancing amongst a small group of kids)
  • We have an air circulation system inside the bus to promote regular movement of air while the kids are in session (and as weather permits, we’d want to keep the windows open as well to further promote movement of clean air)
  • We will try to encourage the same group of students as in the class to attend the session together (we can have a discussion with you on how to make this happen)

Have a look at our pictures, equipment and types of movements used to coach our kids. Our goal is to build overall body strength, motor skills and coordination amongst kids - ultimately leading to a strong foundation for their overall mental and physical growth. The best way to experience our value is to give us a try! Come try us today or ask us for options to demonstrate our service at a place near you!

Signing up is extremely easy. Follow this link and provide us with some basic information to help us process your request and keep in touch with you about your child's progress. Please note that the site you will be taken to is external to our website but not to worry - it is completely safe and all your information will come directly to us.

That’s it! We will be notified and will ensure your child gets to attend our next session at their school. From then on, just sit back and enjoy your child having fun on our bus and progressing their gymnastics skills at the same time! For birthday parties, please contact us

This depends on the type of program that you (or your child’s daycare) sign up for. Some of our centers have us at their locations once a week and others a few times a month.

The bus in which we operate is a fully certified commercial vehicle regularly tested for all aspects of safety that are regulated by the transportation ministry of Ontario. Beyond the basics, our bus is padded with cushioned mats all around to ensure kids are always protected. While the sessions are in progress the bus is fully and safely parked right outside your child’s location. The most important "safety inspector" of the bus is our coach who is fully certified in CPR and first aid. Our coaches have many years of experience working with young kids and know how to react and manage unexpected situations which will invariably arise when dealing with the little ones.

No worries, things come up. Kids are absent from school for various reasons from time to time. We will work with you and your child’s daycare center to ensure that you are always treated fairly and getting the value you expect from our programs.

Yes - all our coaches have gymnastics and coaching backgrounds. Not only are they experts in this field, but they are also CPR, safety certified and have clean background checks. Don’t worry at all - you are fully covered and can rest at ease - your child is in very safe hands with us!

Yes, we keep cameras in the bus for your child's safety and your (and our) peace of mind. But not to worry. No pictures or videos will ever be shared externally without your prior consent. For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Our focus is on quality. We want to give your kids the best gymnastics experience and this can only happen when our ratios of coach to kids are relatively small. While we do not like to stick to a specific number, we will always ensure that the ratios are set up in a way that delivers the best quality of instruction and the safest environment for your child.

Come talk to us! Our coaches are extremely approachable and fully connected to your child's progress. They will be happy to answer any questions you have. You can also email or call us if you have any specific questions that you'd like to discuss with us. Also stay up-to-date through our parent portal which you would have signed up for once your child is registered with us.

Yes, we are a fully insured facility.

Besides our lead coach and the kids, we always have a driver who provides an extra pair of helping hands. Teachers from your child's school are always encouraged to come join us to provide your child (especially the younger ones) a sense of familiarity and comfort - but if they do attend, teachers are asked to always stay in the viewing area at the front of the bus.

Yes. This is an essential part of our service. We have heating/cooling units inside the bus to maintain temperature all year round. These are powered by a quiet generator, so we don’t have to worry about idling the bus while our sessions are on. These units also allow air circulation to keep things fresh inside the bus.

Yes. Our temperature-controlled environment allows us to function all year round - snow, wind, sun - it doesn’t matter, we will always show up as long as the roads are safe to drive!